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Coral Ridge Takes Aquariums and Fish Tanks To A Whole New Level

The Coral Ridge Team has created some of the most stylish and luxury built aquariums and fish tanks in the area. They draw on over 25 years of expertise in designing, maintaining and installing some of the most beautiful aquariums you will ever lay your eyes on.

Founder, Rob Folkers, finds the way he got into saltwater aquariums somewhat humorous. Similar to other reefers, he started the journey with two 55 gallon freshwater tanks. However, shortly after his endeavor began, life decided to present him with two young daughters that immediately became Rob's main focus, it wasn’t long until the aquariums began to feel more like a chore. Therefore, he gave everything away to dedicate all his attention to his young family.

Still having a desire for aquariums, eight years later, now with a son in the mix, Rob's family sporadically decided to get a fish. They brought home a beta fish named Thor and frankly, he doesn't know who was more excited- him or the kids. We’ll never know for sure, but it was most likely Rob. Was his wife excited? The short answer is “no”, long answer “absolutely not”. After 18 years of marriage, sheknew all too well this was only the beginning of more and more fish to soon join their household. And, guess what? She was correct. As she foresaw, less than 2 months later, she came home to find Rob grinning ear to ear standing in front of their new fifty-five gallon tank.

Now, Rob and his team are the area's industry leader. They specialize in Tank setups, custom builds, and care for saltwater aquaria. Installs can be from your basic, simple tank all the way to the most advanced setups with almost total automation and 24/7 monitoring. They also deal the healthiest fish and corals in Savannah and surrounding areas. All of their fish and corals go through a strict quarantine procedure that greatly reduces the risk of sick fish, parasites, or unwanted pests entering your system.

Call Rob and his Coral Ridge team today at 912.547.4528 or visit Also, be sure to "follow" them on Instagram @coralridgemarine and "LIKE" them on Facebook at Coral Ridge LLC.

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