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Dough Savannah, Savannah's First Edible Cookie Dough Shop is NOW OPEN!

DOUGH Savannah is the second location to their original location that began in Fairhaven Massachusetts. It was a business idea that both Mary and her sister Anne had always wanted to do but just never got around to actually doing it. They can blame it on a busy life, hectic family schedules and work schedules, there just always seemed to be a reason to say "not right now." They would talk about the concept and make recipes and menus and daydream about how it would look but that was about as far as it went. Little did Mary and Anne know that it was a dream that would be put on hold until our lives forever changed....

In July of 2018, their family was given the unfortunate news that hit the core of our family, Mary's big sister Anne was diagnosed with Stage 3 Brain Cancer and their entire family and circle of friends prayed with them during this critical time, Anne's surgery was scheduled to remove the tumor at Brigham and Women's Hospital located in Boston Massachusetts, unfortunately during surgery complications happened where major setbacks were faced including having to undergo an additional surgery, which left her too weak to undergo radiation or chemotherapy. As of this day, Mary's courageous sister continues to fight this ugly battle that she will only win with a miracle.

Their family stands beside her every day and pray and help as much as they can and they refuse to lose hope because, at the end of the day, that's all they really hope. All of their lives have forever changed and if anything with this unfortunate situation, Mary can honestly say she has learned not to take one single day for granted that she has with her sister. Her sister, her world travel companion, her best friend for 47 years, they shared so many beautiful memories and Mary refuses to think of a world without her in my life.

About 5 months ago, Mary's sister Anne had asked

her to take over her bakery business and to start

their cookie DOUGH idea (and run with it). Mary wasn't ready at that time because she kept telling myself that her sister would pull thru and they could do this together, but after 8 months of ups and downs with Anne’s health, (following her surgeries), that bakery that she put so much love into had not been opened in months, and Mary knew in her heart that the thought of someone else renting that space would crush her and she knew she had to do something. She realized time was of the essence and she had to act fast because her landlord needed to know if the lease would be renewed.

This was a very tough and personal decision for Mary because she knew her sister was not going to be strong enough to be by her side on a daily basis and that this would most likely be something she would have to do alone until a day came where Anne could be strong again and help her DOUGH this. Mary only wants. to make their cookie DOUGH business a successful reality, and to show her sister that they did it and they are the first establishment in the Southeast to specialize in (safe to eat) edible cookie DOUGH!

Mary is completely dedicated to making this happen and to honor her sister Anne’s wishes and for the love of their childhood memories of sneaking to eat their mom’s homemade “raw” cookie doughs and brownie batters. Memories that will always be held close to Mary's heart and be cherished for the rest of her life.

​We hope that you will support them both and help Mary keep her sister's legacy on their mission to continue to bring a little bit of sweetness to the world, thus in the words of Mary, "Our Cookie Dough Makes The World a Sweeter Place!"

Dough Savannah is located in the Oglethorpe Mall Food Court. Be sure to "LIKE" their Facebook page, "FOLLOW" them on Instagram @doughsavannah, and check out their website, hope you enjoy their cookie dough as much as Mary loves making it for you!

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