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Local author Glenda Russell pens new children's book, "The Tale of Three Friends"

Glenda Russell moved to the Savannah area in 1995. After raising three boys of her own and running a daycare for over 12 years, she wanted to write a book about her experiences and share her feelings on how she believes anyone can be friends. "I wanted to write a book about friendship and make it available to all children," Russell said with a big smile. "I've always loved to write and truly believe that anyone can be friends and care about one another. I have seen this firsthand over the years operating my daycare."

"The Tale of Three Friends" is a cute tale about a dog, cat, and a mouse and how they become friends and learn to help each other and work together. Russell hopes this story will teach sharing, caring and working together no matter who you are. We can all work together and care for one another, just like Dog, Cat, and mouse do in this incredible story.

You can purchase this book now at and

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