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Adventure Tours In Motion: Explore Savannah and Have Fun Doing It!

From Segway Tours to Electric Bike Tours To Van Tours, Adventure Tours In Motion has something for everyone! Their Segway tours are original, exciting and addictive and they are"No Experience Necessary" as the Segways are intuitive and easy to ride. Riding a Segway is an exhilarating experience! They are an effortless way to glide through the beautiful streets of Savannah. Strap on your Fun Helmet and get ready for your Segway Adventure!

Electric bicycles combine the familiarity of a bicycle with the spirit of adventure. Start your Savannah Bike Tour with the twist of the throttle and feel the power! You can choose to pedal or let the bike take you on the adventure. Feel the breeze in your hair with a smile on your face all without breaking a sweat.

Experience the elegance of Savannah’s Historical Squares, River Street, Forsyth Park or venture out into Isle of Hope, Bonaventure Cemetery, Laurel Grove Cemetery or Tybee Island from the comfort of their 11-passenger van as you weave through history!

Head on over to their website,, and find the perfect tour for your crowd today! There is something for everyone!

Adventure Tours In Motion

12 W. State Street

Savannah, Georgia 31401


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