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Cuban Food with a Side of Zombies and Comedy

We all love our beautiful Savannah. Its unique characteristics, from the cobblestone streets to antebellum architecture to the blooming azaleas lining the streets during the Spring, make it a place so many people love to visit and so many people love to call home. Well our lovely little corner of the Southeast got some attention on the national spotlight recently, including a shoutout to one of our amazing restaurants.

If you're a fan of late night television, you may have recognized Savannah's mention on the celebrity watch show, TMZ. Last week, a unique duo visited our beautiful city. Norman Reedus was in town filming his AMC show Ride with Norman Reedus, where he travels the road making stops in local towns to explore the local biker culture. And his travel companion was none other than comedian/actor Dave Chappelle.

The duo took a break from filming to explore the city a bit and grab a bite to eat. And where did the cast and crew decide to enjoy a delicious local Savannah meal? Our member's restaurant Rancho Alegre of course! They ordered the famous Chicken with Mojo Sauce and grilled Cherna Fish fillet with vegetables while washing it down with Caipirinha and Café con Leche. Who knew zombie killers and comedians were such big fans of Cuban food?

After an afternoon of riding around town, Norman Reedus and Dave Chappelle returned to Rancho Alegre for some drinks and light tapas. It was so good for lunch, they just had to make a second visit. And who could blame them? The food is just that good!

Rancho Alegre is a local favorite, serving the some of the Cuban, Spanish, and Caribbean food in town. Locals and tourist alike can enjoy some live jazz music while sipping on homemade Mojitos, Sangria and Caipirinha. Be sure to pay them a visit soon. You won't regret it! They are located at 402 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Savannah.

Check out some pictures from our cities celebrity visitors, courtesy of Rancho Alegre.

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