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Spring Has Sprung... Well at Least in Savannah

Savannah blooming azaleas

February brings a lot of things in Savannah - warmer weather, festivals, blooming azaleas. It truly provides a beautiful backdrop to the Springtime... even though Punxstawaney Phil says we still have a few more weeks of Winter left. Taking a stroll through the oak lined, cobblestone streets of Downtown Savannah during this time of year is an experience you're sure to remember. The natural beauty of the flora and fauna works in perfect synchronicity with the historic architecture of our hostess city.

With all the beauty that we see outside, why not bring that same brightness and beauty inside? Spring is a time about rebirth, change, and new experiences. Debbie's Decorating provides decorating and design consulting, remodeling services, custom floral designs, and more that would be perfect for anyone who wants to do a little something extra after finishing your spring cleaning.

Visit her Facebook page and website to see completed projects, or give her a call at 214.405.0989 to set up a consultation.

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